PFAS: The secret toxins in your body

PFAS: The secret toxins in your body



PFAS: The secret toxins in your body

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You will learn about reactions and mechanism for of alkyl halides. These compounds are very attractive because of their use in industry. Alkyl halides have been used as refrigerants, propellants for aerosols, foamed plastics like expanded polystyrene or polyurethane foam and are also use as solvents for dry cleaning and for general degreasing purposes. Unfortunately, PFA’s have also catch the attention of environmentalists because of their impact not only in the environment but also human life. Look at the videos below and formulate your thoughts to answer the following:

What are PFAS what chemical properties make PFA’s classified as forever chemicals? Provide data to support your answer. Discuss the physical and chemical properties of these compounds.

Show the structures of some of the PFAS in industry.

Make list of the products you use on regular basis and share with us which one of those products can contain PFA’s.

Are you concern about having PFA’s in your body?

Discuss the problem of the chemical modification industry made to long chain PFA’s to Short Chain PFA’s. Discuss this based on chemicals and physical properties.

Discuss serious health issues of PFA’s. 

Do you think we should all demand from our primary care providers for PFA’s testimg in  our body? How can we make this happen?

DO you think USA should stop importing materials or products from countries that have no regulation of PFA’s?

Search on you tube for a video using as search topic: PFAS. impact of PFAS in human life, PFAS and contamination, PFAS in products etc. 

Embed the video in your original response. NOTE: Please check your classmate’s responses to avoid posting the same video.

After learning about PFA’s, what will you do to protect you and your family from being exposed to PFA’s?

Share with the class a summary of your learning for the video you chose. 

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