[ANSWERED] What criteria must be met in order to consider a practice, evidence-based? Provide examples

Module 8 Assignment

  • Each response to a task below should be 500-1000 words.
  • All responses should be combined into a single document for submission.
  • APA formatting required.


1. Explore the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) website: http://www.ninr.nih.gov/ Review its publication Bringing science to life: NINR strategic plan (2011, p. 7) to identify the current priorities for nursing research. Do you agree with the priorities or would you recommend addition or elimination of some of the priorities? What effect do the nursing research priorities have on nursing researchers?

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2. What criteria must be met in order to consider a practice, evidence-based? Provide examples. Explain the role quality plays in evidence-based practice.

3. Based on the information you learned to this point, write a research proposal that relates to the topics you chose for a previous assignment. Be sure to include the following information in your proposal:

  • Hypothesis
  • Theory
  • Design model
  • Method
  • Anticipated results
  • Potential Dissemination Avenues

Boards of Nursing vs. Professional Nurse Associations

Expert Answer and Explanation

Current Nursing Research Priorities

Part One

The evidence-based practice has become the normal standard in the nursing profession. However, the need for nursing researchers to analyze data, design researches, and report the outcome has become a significant activity. According to Hopia and Heikkilä (2020), nursing research should be made one of the visions for nursing professionals in a move to improve nursing practice and patient care. Thus, nursing professionals should enroll in advanced nursing research courses so that they can gain vital knowledge in nursing research practice. Nursing scholars bring a holistic concept to researching families, communities, and individuals. The nursing research priorities are vital because they reflect the nurses’ commitment to improving health services and the improvement of quality care and patient outcome. The National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) argues that research is one of the ways to develop a technical foundation in nursing practice. The institution also reports that nursing research can be used to develop knowledge in preventive disability and disease, manage and eliminate signs of conditions, and improve patient care. The organization highlighted priorities nurses should meet in their research.

I agree with the priorities based on the be below importance. The first priority is “enhancing health promotion and disease prevention.” This priority means that nurses should conduct studies that main to improving health promotion and decrease the prevalence of diseases. This priority is so vital to nursing practice in that it motivates nurses to work towards improving health by developing strategies and medical therapies to reduce reports about diseases. Through this priority, nurses can develop vaccines and create health promotion programs to improve their style. Currently, the work requires nurses’ expertise on how to prevent the spread of the Covic- 19 viruses. The nurses should conduct studies to determine how to reduce the spread of the disease and how to treat it. The second priority is “improving palliative and end-of-life care.” People who are about to die have the right to die in peace, surrounded by people who love him or her (Al-Yateem et al., 2019). Nurses can improve end-of-life care through research. Research can be done to develop an EBP care strategy that can be used to improve dying patients’ satisfaction. The researches can also help nurses overcome the ethical issues related to end-of-life care.

The third priority is “enhancing innovation in science and practice.” Technology can be used to improve patients’ experiences in healthcare institutions. Nurses should also research on how technologies can be applied in nursing. Some of the working technologies include electronic health records (HER), smart beds, and websites. These technologies have helped nursing firms improve data management. Nursing research should also focus on “developing the next generation of nurse scientists.” Researches should be conducted on how the next generation of nurse scientists can be designed (Wolf, 2019). Lastly, nurses should focus on improving the quality of patients’ lives by researching ways on how to manage symptoms of chronic and acute health problems. The priorities can improve job satisfaction because they can be used to answer the majority of nursing issues. Management of nurse staff should also be added to the five priorities.

Part 2

Evidence-based practice is a nursing practice that is based on well-structured nursing research. EBP has improved the healthcare system in that it has helped nurses use evidence-based treatments in providing care to patients. Also, nursing leaders have used perspectives to develop and apply strategies that aim at improving workers’ satisfaction in the nursing industry. EBP has helped nurses, and other healthcare professionals develop many treatments that have been used in improving population health (Woo et al., 2017). For instance, through EBP, nurses and other healthcare professionals have been able to get the treatment for Ebola. Also, vaccination against cervical cancer was developed based on EBPs. This part of the assignment discusses the characteristics of EBPs and also analyzes the role of quality on EBPs.

Characteristics of EBP

The first characteristic of EBP is that is must have been developed by clinical experts. When talking about clinical expertise, one should look at the individual’s experience, educational level, and clinical skills. According to Al-Yateem et al. (2019), clinicians with vast skills in clinical practice can provide better EBP treatments compared to people who have fewer skills because they know what to do at every level. The individual who has developed the practice should also have experience in the issue. For instance, when a clinician does research about management, he or she should have proper knowledge about management. The person’s educational level is also vital in EBP. The practice must be developed by a well-trained person. The second characteristic that EBP practice should meet patient expectations and values. In other words, the practice should be able to improve patient satisfaction. For instance, the medication should be able to treat and cure a patient’s illness so that it can be considered evidence-based. Also, a vaccine can be evidence-based when it prevents certain diseases from affecting the children.

The last characteristic is that the practice should have been developed through a sound methodology. The methodology is the research strategies used to conduct a study; for a practice to characterized as an EPB, it should have been found through authentic research methods. The researchers should ensure that they use credible sources, research designs, and analysis methods so that the results should be reliable (Barnett et al., 2017). Also, the methods should comprehensive and allow other people to follow the study and get the exact results. The sources used should also undergo reliability and validity testing. In summary, a practice should be considered EBP if it was developed using proper external methods by a credible and knowledgeable clinical expert, and fulfills the values and expectations of patients.

Role of quality in EBP

Researchers should ensure that an EPB is of high quality in many ways. For instance, a clinician should use reliable and valid methods to ensure that the results are of high quality. According to Barnett et al. (2017), quality is the fundamental foundation of EBP. Quality ensures that an EBP meets its intended purpose and make positive impacts. In summary, quality ensures that EBP improves patient care, healthcare quality, and patient outcome.

Part 3

Using Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to Improve Patient Outcome in Pediatric Departments

A proposal can be used by nurse researchers to outline a topic of interest that can be used in improving patient expectations and outcomes. The topic that will be analyzed in this section is “using electronic health records (EHRS) to improve patient outcomes in pediatric departments.”


The hypothesis of this research is that EHRS improve patient outcome in pediatric departments by improving the data management system. Another hypothesis is that EHRS improve patient outcome in pediatric departments by improving communication. The null hypothesis is that EHRS does to improve patient outcomes in pediatric departments.


Evidence-Based research should be conducted based on a theory of conceptual framework. A theory can help a researcher develop proper research questions and decide on the methodology that will be used to conduct the study. The theory that will be used in this study is systems theory. The theory argues that an entity should not be reduced to elements or parts (Bales, 2017). Instead, the entity should be arranged in proper relation so that it can be made whole. In other words, this theory argues that an organization should work as a system, not as a single unit. EHRS improves the relationship between pediatrics departments with other hospital departments through proper communication.

Design model

The design model is the study design that will be applied in the study. There are many models that can be used to conduct evidence-based researches. One of the models includes a descriptive framework. This model aims at describing how the independent variable affects the dependent variable (Bell et al., 2018). Another model is the experimental design. In experimental, the researchers will be experimenting with the variables to see how they affect each other. However, the design that will be used in this study is the article review. The researcher will review research articles from accredited nursing research databases.


The research method that will be used is a qualitative method. Bell et al. (2018) report that qualitative research is a method where the data collected is not statistical in nature. The researcher will use a qualitative method because it can be used to highlight subjects’ emotions and feelings more easily compared to other research methods.

Anticipated Results

A researcher should have some anticipated results in his or her mind when conducting a study. the following are the expected results. The first expected finding is that EHRS can improve communication between professionals in a healthcare facility, and this can improve patients’ outcomes in the pediatric unit. Second, the study aims to find that EHRS can improve data management in hospitals, and this can make it easy for pediatricians to get medical information about their patients. The overall anticipated result is that EHRS can improve patients’ outcomes in pediatric units.

Potential Dissemination Avenues

A researcher should think about how he or she will make the research report available to the public when conducting studies. The study herein will be disseminated through the prominent nursing databases. It will also be published and posted in the university’s publication website.


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Woo, K., Milworm, G., & Dowding, D. (2017). Characteristics of quality improvement champions in nursing homes: A systematic review with implications for evidence‐based practice. Worldviews on

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