[ANSWERED] What are your thoughts on the harvesting of organisms such as whales, dolphins, seals, etc.?

Consider humanity as the ultimate predator. Many if not most of us, particularly in the United States, are quite comfortable with the harvesting of organisms like tuna, deer, ducks, or rabbits. Other countries and cultures, however, value species that rarely, if ever, find their way to the North American dinner plate. What are your thoughts on the harvesting of organisms such as whales, dolphins, seals, etc.? Is hunting the only major issue that might threaten the existence of these organisms? Should we limit ourselves to eating only certain organisms? Why, or why not? In what ways are you selective about the foods you eat?

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.

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Expert Answer and Explanation

BIO 1302 Harvesting Organisms

I believe that harvesting organisms is a necessity for human beings and cannot be avoided (Deckers, 2016). Organisms such as whales, seals and dolphins are essential sources of meat and can help feed a lot of people to avoid hunger. Just like any other fish, these organisms can also be harvested and used as food for human consumption. Oceans and other water bodies make up 71% of the world’s surface and only 29% of the land where human beings reside (Williams, 2014). Be that as it may, it would be rationally impossible to harvest and complete all the whales or dolphins that reside in 71% of the ocean life on Earth. However, maritime laws can help mitigate the harvesting of species below certain measurements or ages. The strategy would only facilitate harvesting grown and old organisms, leaving the others to reproduce.

It is important to note that hunting and harvesting of organisms alone cannot lead to an extinction event of the said animal. There are other key aspects that might lead to extinction, such as underwater volcanos, oil spillage and global warming (Conserve Energy Future, 2020). In this regard, human beings should not limit themselves to only eating certain organisms. The supply of organisms surpasses the demand present by human beings. It would not be viable to finish the available supply completely. I believe that the world has its own way of remaining sustainable and that every person can easily eat any food they want without necessarily causing an extinction. Personally, I am selective based on preference and familiarity in that I tend to avoid foods that are new to me.


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What are your thoughts on the harvesting of organisms such as whales, dolphins, seals, etc.?

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