[ANSWERED 2023] For this assignment you are asked to visit another local facility in your area to identify and determine

For this assignment you are asked to visit another local facility in your area to identify and determine the day-to-day operations and procedures

For this assignment, you are asked to visit another local facility in your area to identify and determine

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Successful sport managers must understand a variety of components in the sport industry. One of those areas involves facility and event management. Another includes understanding consumer behavior and employing effective marketing.

One way to learn about these areas and to begin to understand their complexities is to ask questions and discuss these topics with professionals in the field. Upon completing this assignment, you will gain the knowledge and skills pertinent to a sport management position.

For this assignment you are asked to visit another local facility in your area to identify and determine the day-to-day operations and procedures performed at the facility and to conduct a personal interview with the director or manager. Contact this person, and schedule a day and time for this visit.

If this is not an option for you, you may elect to conduct a personal interview with the director or manager via phone, email, Skype, Zoom, Join Me, or any other conference-friendly application that will yield the answers to questions posed in the interview.

Create at least eight questions to ask this individual that deal with the day-to-day operations and procedures performed. The following sport-related topics are suggestions that may assist you as you generate your questions:

  • sport management responsibilities;
  • responsibilities and duties of other various positions;
  • best practices/processes in sport consumer behavior;
  • marketing and advertising strategies;
  • effects/influences of media relations;
  • communication techniques;
  • impact of facility practices (social, cultural, legal, and economic); and
  • skills required in the sport industry.

The following subjects must be covered in this assignment.

  • Explain how facility and event management impact the social, cultural, legal, and economic elements of sports.
  • Identify how the components of communication in sport affect consumer decision-making.

Please provide the answers to the questions you ask the interviewee, and include a section that discusses how this experience has helped you in your educational journey to better understand sport management, leadership, and best practices in sport.

The organization of your paper should resemble the following:

  • Introduction: Provide a brief introduction of the assignment.
  • Body: List the questions and responses from your interview.
  • Conclusion: Provide a brief conclusion that wraps up the elements of the interview, including how this experience has helped you.
  • Reference page: If you use content from the textbook, be sure to include this as a source on your reference page.

Your paper should be at least two pages in length, not counting the reference page. You are required to use two sources. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary. Remember to cite personal communication in-text only. Examples on how to cite personal communication can be found below:

T. S. Smith (personal communication, January 20, 2016)or(T.S. Smith, personal communication, January 20, 2016)

Note: It is suggested, but not required, that you send a thank-you note to the person you interviewed. Professionalism and courtesy always make a great impression, and you never know when that company may be hiring!

Expert Answer and Explanation

Sports Administration

Sports managers are responsible for ensuring that all the stakeholders’ needs are met in any sports event. After interviewing one of the managers on zoom, it was clear that the responsibilities go beyond playing food, especially in the situation of a non-charity organization.

An interview with Todd Oliver, who is the manager for sports in SJB Athletic Association, explains that the main aim of the organization is to encourage family involvement and sportsmanship. Additionally, as a church organization, Oliver explains that they aim to provide the young Christians with self-discipline, a positive attitude, and a way to show respect to others through sports engagement (Wang, 2022).

Through the questions, it was clear that understanding the organizational culture and communicating it well is essential to the organization’s success.

What Are The Sport Management Responsibilities

Todd explained that his responsibilities include organizing the matches, ensuring that we get coaches for the team, and providing all resources needed. This is through asking for volunteers in the community and further from the church.

Responsibilities And Duties Of Other Various Positions

Everyone has a role to play in sports events. The organization has a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Their roles include overseeing the activities, recording all that is experienced, and managing the funds respectively. Additionally, they must work together to ensure that all resources are available for the team.

Best Practices in Sport Consumer Behavior

According to Oliver, the sports organized are usually friendly and aim to bring the Christians together and to support the development of the young Christians further. Therefore all consumers are welcome to practice the sports and encourage those participating. The reorganization of teams ensures that people integrate more into the church.

Marketing And Advertising Strategies

The team events are advertised only in the church and neighboring churches as they are the primary audiences. Although outsiders are welcome to cheer on, they cannot participate in sports events.

Effects/Influences Of Media Relations

The organization has not experienced any positive or adverse influences on media relations as it is not profit based and therefore lacks media coverage.

Communication Techniques

Through communication in the various teams, coaches are encouraged to positively impact the athletes’ self-awareness, autonomy, and self-confidence (Kim & Park, 2020). The coaches understand that sports have been commercialized in schools, leaving weak athletes with no chance to practice their talents. However, as a nonprofit organization, the techniques incorporated aim to create confident people in sports.

Impact of Facility Practices

Socially, the facility has ensured that the Christians can interact more and even form ties beyond the sports ground. This has been essential for young Christians as they work to find meaningful friendships and create positive relationships (Rossi et al. 2022).

Culturally, the sports events still abide with the church’s culture and therefore create a good environment for teaching the church students about the church’s history and what is expected of them. There are, however, no legal and economic impacts of the facility as the organization is nonprofit, and most of the sports are carried inside the facility.

Skills Required

Unlike school sports, no skills are required to enter the sports team in the church. However, once enrolled, the athletes are expected to commit to practicing to improve their skills. However, the volunteer coaches sometimes sport talent in the young students and introduce them to playing sports professionally in other organizations.


It is clear that there is a difference between commercial sports and communal sports., Through the interview with the athletic director of SJB Athletic Association, it is clear that the church sports are social and mainly aim to bring the teams together.


Kim, Y., & Park, I. (2020). “Coach Really Knew What I Needed and Understood Me Well as a Person”: Effective Communication Acts in Coach–Athlete Interactions among Korean Olympic Archers. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health17(9), 3101.

Rossi, L., Breuer, C., & Feiler, S. (2020). Determinants of non-profit sports clubs’ perceived competition from commercial sports providers. Sport management review23(4), 736-749.

Wang, R. (2022). Organizational commitment in the nonprofit sector and the underlying impact of stakeholders and organizational support. VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations33(3), 538-549.

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